Disinfecting in Brooklyn NY


Some environments demand a superior caliber of disinfection and cleanliness. Restaurants need spotless conditions to pass food safety inspections. Outpatient procedure rooms need to be completely sterilized in medical facilities. In these types of spaces, there’s no room for anything less than immaculate cleanliness. That’s why facility managers call Germless.

Our extensive disinfecting capabilities spans everything from residential homes and apartments to medical disinfecting services. We’ve served customers throughout Brooklyn, NY who demand the highest standard of sterilization in their workplace or living environments.

  • Residential homes: Have someone getting over the flu? Giving your home a deep clean that includes thorough disinfection? Give us a call. We’ll keep germs at bay and prevent them from continuing the cycle of sickness in your home.
  • Medical facilities: From waiting rooms to outpatient procedure areas, we put special emphasis on disinfecting services for medical facilities. The only way to help people get better is to stop the spread of germs, which is why we leave no surface or space untouched.
  • Restaurants: Have a food safety inspection coming up? Call us to sterilize your restaurant or commercial kitchen, complete with an official certificate of cleanliness. Our cleaning products are all restaurant-safe and highly effective at deep-cleaning your eatery.
  • Offices: Proper disinfection of your facilities can help improve employee morale and prevent Sick Building Syndrome, leading to a happier, more productive workforce. We’re able to disinfect all areas of the office, from the break room and bathrooms to the water cooler and other heavily-trafficked areas.
  • Apartment complexes: Call us between tenants for complete disinfection services, including move-in and move-out disinfecting. We’ll make sure your apartment unit is in prime condition, ready for the next tenant and completely safe to inhabit. Cleaning certificates provided as proof of service!
  • Motels: While maid services take care of the everyday cleaning, it’s important to partner with a motel disinfecting service for routine deep cleans. We’ll make sure your motel is blacklight-ready, and that every room is fresh, clean and comfortable for your guests.

Brooklyn, NY customers trust Germless for disinfection services—including restaurant and medical disinfection service—because they know they’re getting an unparalleled level of cleanliness. Schedule a consultation and get your free estimate today by calling 718-637-0567!