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Germless in Brooklyn NY

Germless provides disinfecting services for facilities where cleanliness and sterilization are paramount. We specialize in office buildings, motels, medical facilities, restaurants and more, offering complete disinfecting services using FDA-approved products. We provide you with a certificate of disinfection once the job is finished, along with the peace of mind that germs, bacteria, odors, microbes and any other contaminants are completely neutralized. Schedule an appointment today!

We’re the Company to Call for Germ-Free Facilities

Even with routine cleaning, germs still find a way to sneak into your facilities. The only way to truly eradicate them and maintain a high standard of sanitary cleanliness is to call Germless for routine disinfection services in Brooklyn, NY.

We get right down to the microscopic level when it comes to delivering disinfection services. We understand how important sterile environments are to our clientele, which is why we use state-of-the-art technologies to understand what we’re up against and how to properly disinfect. Our team will come out to your facilities, perform test and use FDA-approved cleaning materials to eradicate germs, bacteria, viruses, microbes and other unseen contaminants. The goal is always to deliver a comprehensive, measurable level of cleanliness.

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Our disinfecting team works with businesses throughout Brooklyn, NY, including restaurants and commercial kitchens, medical facilities, offices and more. We’re also available for apartment disinfection and motel disinfection to complement general cleaning. We’ll even come to your home to eradicate germs leftover from a recent illness or after spring cleaning! For every job done, you’ll get an official certificate of disinfection to display or for your records—backed by our satisfaction guarantee.

You’ll be amazed at how fresh, clean and comfortable your environment feels after a visit from Germless! Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to get an estimate on disinfection and disinfection services.

  • We provide our clients with an official certificate of disinfection after every cleaning.
  • Our team specializes in disinfection for motels, medical facilities, restaurants and more.
  • Using state-of-the-art technology, we test facilities to determine the best clean approach.
  • We use FDA-approved cleaning products, safe for all the facilities we disinfect.
  • We offer free consultations! Call us and we’ll come out to survey your facilities.

Keep it Clean

Your facilities need to be clean and germ-free. Forget about hours of scrubbing using abrasive chemicals—instead, call Germless and get a certifiable level of disinfection.

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